7 delicious restaurants with beautiful views in Da Lat for a romantic meal

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals at the most beautiful view restaurants in Da Lat. Coming to the dreamy mountain town without enjoying delicious mountain town specialties is a pity.
Toplist of delicious restaurants with beautiful view in Da Lat
1. Le Petit Restaurant – A delicious restaurant with a beautiful view of European standards
Le Petit restaurant at Ana Villas Da Lat Resort & Spa was formerly a villa built in classical French architecture that was restored and recreated.
The restaurant’s interior is especially cozy with old Indochinese red tones and French layout, which is very suitable for romantic dinners or warm family meals.
Enjoying morning coffee or afternoon tea at the outdoor area of the restaurant is one of the great experiences at Ana Villas Da Lat Resort & Spa, you can relax your soul to watch the sunset gradually fall and feel the peaceful rhythm of life. Here, leaving the days of hard work and noise in the bustling urban area.
Le Petit Da Lat serves customers with a variety of European and Asian dishes, made with the freshest ingredients, harvested from the garden of Ana Villas Da Lat Resort & Spa and the surrounding farms. But the most prominent are European dishes such as beefsteak, salmon…
In particular, the restaurant is famous for French dishes such as bread, jam, cheese, yoghurt, salad and steak.
In addition, the chefs at Le Petit also provide customers with premium dishes made from silkworm fish that have been served to heads of state, ambassadors and famous faces in the world. business and art.
Coming to Le Petit, you can not only enjoy delicious food but also enjoy the luxurious view and pose next to the classic villas with French architectural style.
It is rare to find a delicious restaurant with a beautiful view in Da Lat as high-class as Le Petit restaurant
When eating at the restaurant, you can also see the view of the mountains and forests, surrounded by green pine trees, cool breeze blowing. Makes you feel like eating a meal in the middle of a natural green forest, a romantic landscape.
Le Petit restaurant is one of the top restaurants in the Top of the best restaurants with beautiful views in Da Lat.
Coming here, not only you can take photos, but also enjoy delicious food. But this place is also a great choice for couples who want to have beautiful wedding photos to have memories of this mountain town of thousands of flowers.
Le Petit Da Lat Restaurant
Add: 9 Le Lai – Ward 5 – Da Lat.
Phone: (+84) 34 525 9977

2. Memory Da Lat pho – A restaurant with a beautiful view in Da Lat with Asian characteristics
Not saying it’s steep when looking at Memory restaurant, one of the best restaurants with the most beautiful view in Da Lat. Unlike Le Petit, which is bold in Europe, Memory is heavily influenced by traditional Vietnamese architecture. There are both European and Asian dishes here, but the specialty is the typical dishes of Da Lat with Asian and European features associated with the cultural history of this city of thousands of flowers.
Highlights include dishes such as:
• Da Lat Sturgeon Hotpot
• Pan-fried lamb chops
• Grilled chicken with Angelica ginseng
When you come here, you don’t need to worry about the price of food or drink here. But coming to Memory at an affordable price that is suitable for your budget, you can’t refuse as long as the food and drink are delicious, you only have to order more.
True to the name “Memory”, when you come here to eat, you will forever remember the unique flavor, the unique setting of the restaurant, everything from the food to the decoration of the restaurant gives you the feeling of Da Lat in the time. old. Make you remember forever but can’t forget.
When you come to Memory Restaurant you don’t have to think about what to eat. Because all the dishes in the restaurant’s menu are ranked in the top class, each dish is very delicious and has its own unique flavor.
At Memory, you not only enjoy delicious food, but when you come here, you can also take pictures, with a beautiful view behind the green forest valley, green grass…
Every corner, every space of the restaurant to the layout of all places, you can freely live virtual, take pictures to show off with friends.
In addition, when coming to Memory restaurant, you can also enjoy listening to melodious Trinh music of singers at Memory Tea Room. Memory tea room gives you the feeling that you are in the old space of Da Lat, feeling like you are living slowly and no longer being noisy and busy outside.
Memory not only has a restaurant but also a hotel, clean, spacious and airy room space. That’s why when you come to Memory restaurant, you don’t have to think about where to go to see the beautiful view or where to eat delicious, …
Memory Restaurant Da Lat
Add: 24B Hung Vuong – Ward 10 – Da Lat
Tel: 0898.931.199 – 0898.911.199
Website: http://nhahangDa Lat.info/

3. Da Lat View Restaurant
Da Lat View is famous as a cafe with a very beautiful and impressive view. If at Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda, there is a heaven gate, in Da Lat, there is also a sky gate that breaks the internet and is always sought by young people to check in.
Coming to Da Lat View, you will be able to visit and admire the mountains, hills, and pine forests here. The most impressive highlight here is the red bridge about 40m long with a winding arc, helping you to freely take beautiful pictures.
Visitors to Da Lat View seem to be lost in a fairyland, a charming and poetic natural scene, where there is also a heaven gate or a love bridge crossing the trees. It feels like you are looking at the scenery among the diverse natural forests.
In addition, when coming to Da Lat View, you not only enjoy the delicious drinks here. In Da Lat View, there is an extremely luxurious restaurant system. Tourists or young people when coming here to eat are surprised and amazed, want to eat again.
Because almost all the dishes here are prepared by talented chefs with more than 20 years of experience in the profession. Come here, you are free to choose the food you want, because the menu here is extremely rich and diverse.
When entering the space of Da Lat View restaurant, you are like entering a space with many delicious dishes from the sea and mountains, each one is unique with the delicious dishes…
Not only can you enjoy delicious food, but you can also enjoy the view of the whole mountain, the poetic natural scenery. Sitting with family or friends to check in the hilly view is nothing.
Da Lat View Restaurant is also one of the restaurants in the top restaurants with the most beautiful view in Da Lat, which you should not miss when coming to this dreamy city.
Da Lat View Restaurant
Add: 49 Khe Sanh – Ward 10 – Da Lat
Tel: 02633.907.799

4. Song May Restaurant
Despite being far from the city center, Song May restaurant is very popular with tourists. The space of the restaurant is a blend of ancient architecture in a romantic garden.
Song May Restaurant with a view of spring flowers and grass, the peach trees in the garden are blooming brilliantly, interwoven in layers of deep brown tiles, a rockery with a stream flowing through the rocks, creating the feeling of stepping into the familiar village, a beautiful, peaceful scene.
The corners of the space here are surrounded by glass, creating an open space overlooking the nature and the scenery of Da Lat at night.
The restaurant also has a diverse menu that distills the quintessence of Vietnamese and foreign dishes, which are presented with high artistry.
Diners are delicious, feeling eye-catching when looking at the art works made from food. When coming to Song May restaurant, you will enjoy delicious and attractive dishes such as grilled seafood, La Vong grilled chopped fish, fried rice with egg roll, grilled beef, unicorn shaped fish roll, stewed chicken soup with Thai chili, …
With a spacious space, Song May Restaurant Da Lat also has banquet rooms that are large enough for conference parties, offices or small banquet rooms used to organize birthday parties, full moon celebration, family celebration, …
The restaurant is the right place for those who love flowers and this is considered the restaurant with the most beautiful view in Da Lat.
Song May Restaurant
Add: 49 Tran Quang Khai
Tel: 0263 3552 879

5. Leguda – Eat a vegetable buffet at a delicious restaurant with a beautiful view of Da Lat and enjoy the whole city view
Leguda Restaurant – Buffer vegetable is the restaurant chosen by young people as the restaurant with the most beautiful view in Da Lat.
The restaurant is located on Robin hill – Da Lat cable car area is quite high and has the most beautiful view in Da Lat.
It is also the gateway to the city with open space, poetic and charming scenery, and also enjoying delicious dishes from exotic vegetables is so wonderful.
When you hear the vegetable buffer, you immediately associate it with vegetable paradises, from exotic vegetables that you have never seen to familiar vegetables every day. All are processed from vegetables to make the dish extremely attractive but also strange.
Coming to Leguda vegetable buffet restaurant, diners will be able to eat comfortably and eat as much as they want. You can eat as much as you want, because here are all fresh and delicious vegetables, typical of Da Lat. The price is so cheap that you can eat all kinds of raw vegetables here
Buffer Vegetable Restaurant is also known as the place of vegetable food paradise, with a lot of typical vegetables of Da Lat.
What’s more special when you come to Leguda restaurant, you will have a full view of the panoramic view of Da Lat city on one side and a view of the entire pine hill of Prent Pass on the other.
It would be a pity to come to Da Lat without visiting Leguda restaurant.
Leguda restaurant
Address: 8 Dong Da – Ward 3
Phone: 0263 3965 965

6. Thuy Ta – top 6 delicious restaurants with beautiful view in Da Lat
Thuy At restaurant has an elegant beauty, a special highlight that adorns Xuan Huong Lake and leaves a deep impression in the hearts of every visitor when arriving here.
Thuy Ta Restaurant, a restaurant with a unique view, is designed in the city center and is close to Xuan Huong Lake with a full view of the whole lake with ducks being pedaled by tourists to watch and walk around the lake. Spring flavor.
When coming to Da Lat, tourists also visit Thuy Ta restaurant, because the restaurant is very convenient for all tourists, when they do not have to go far, they can still enjoy the beautiful lake view.
Coming to Thuy Ta restaurant, the restaurant has the most beautiful view in Da Lat, visitors can also enjoy special, rich and delicious dishes with family or friends. And besides that, you can also see the beautiful and poetic lake view.
Especially, in the afternoon when sunset falls, visitors will see the sun shining on the lake, the sunset is beautiful.

7. Edensee Restaurant – Super romantic view restaurant in Da Lat
Edensee Restaurant is one of the most luxurious 5-star restaurants in Da Lat. The restaurant is located in the Edensee Lake Resort & Spa inside the luxury resort of Tuyen Lam Lake.
Coming to Edensee restaurant, visitors can enjoy European and Asian dishes prepared from talented chefs, creating delicious and unique dishes.
Edensee restaurant has a spacious and cozy space with a beautiful view of Tuyen Lam lake. The restaurant is designed with an outdoor space, so that visitors can both enjoy the food and enjoy the beautiful view of Da Lat at night.
In addition, at the restaurant, all are fully equipped, serving all diners when coming to Edensee.
Edensee Restaurant is one of the most beautiful view restaurants in Da Lat, an ideal stopover for all visitors when coming to Da Lat.